How To Moodle – Managing Director referral

“Working with Phil Summerfield is challenging – and that’s a good thing!

We engaged Phil to help us review the business from a fresh perspective and map our path going forward. From the early days onwards Phil challenged many aspects of how we do things and in his coaching role has enabled us to take a more holistic and objective view of our business processes, decisions etc.

With Phil’s extensive business experience it’s inevitable that he adopts a consulting role too and his ability to seamlessly combine input from both coach and consultant standpoints is invaluable. Working with Phil is fun but that never means that his input lacks candour whether we’re dealing with strategic or operational issues.

It’s essential that people working in our business are client focused; Phil is passionate about the client experience and constantly challenges us on how we can add even more value to our clients.

As I said above, it’s a good thing.”

business coach referral