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Why Executive Coaching and Consultancy?

Executive and Business Coaching / Consultancy

Business is all about changing to adapt to new opportunities and challenges and our experience can prove invaluable for our Clients.  Successful Coaching and Change Management is the core of modern business and we  completely support YOUR needs here. One or two days a month or short sharp bursts, a few weeks project or interim all with ongoing phone and email support when YOU need it – you choose what’s best for you and your business, we deliver.

Some of our Clients find that it’s not enough to have experience in each bit of the puzzle – joining them up needs a blend of different experience and communication  skills –  this is the GLUE that holds your changes together to give you the greatest benefits. The Business Coaching Group was established to help businesses gain greater benefits and success from their projects, that remains a key objective for us today.

Executive roles can often be lonely places so how do you test your plans?  Why not try them out before talking to your colleagues or staff, having an experienced Business Coach to talk to can give you the ‘safe’ Experienced based Challenge that you need.

“Combines the ability to lead teams at a detail level whilst engaging the full participation and understanding of senior clients”

VP, Sony ISS

We will focus totally on YOUR needs and YOUR sustainable results.

So – why a blend of coaching and consultancy – our clients find that this blend lets them develop faster and improve their business more quickly, traditional coaching alone is not always enough for our clients when they actually want and need to be given some experienced help with options to move forwards.

Our interest is in leaving you more skilled and capable, making you more successful, more money….. AND hopefully having more fun while you achieve this and we do this using a blended Coaching/Consultancy approach to increase your understanding and sustainable skillset.
Most of us achieve far greater things when we’re having fun, that’s when we’re focused, passionate and dedicated. The reverse is clearly true so our aim is to let you and your staff enjoy being more successful. Our people are all experts in their areas so will blend their use of Coaching and Consulting to deliver the very best for you and your business.

So - Why more fun and what's this got to do with business success?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius said this 2500 years ago and it is still so true today, blend fun, enjoying your work, loving it and success will flow

Learn a little more about some of our core partners

Phil Summerfield - Managing Director

I’m passionate about supporting my clients in business change and growth and as you can see from their testimonials, they gain real value from and enjoy working with me. My focus includes executive coaching 1-on-1 and team as well as business/team development in Professional (and Customer) Services, Relationship Management, Sales Training and Coaching (internal and external) and IT Department change and sales. I have excellent experience in Change Management which proves exceptionally valuable in delivering sustainable business change and challenge for my clients.

Julie Robinson

Julie has held a number of executive roles in which she has led and developed large teams whilst improving the quality of staff engagement and customer satisfaction. As Customer Services Director at Virgin Atlantic she was responsible for developing and implementing the branded customer experience that has been a key element of Virgin Atlantic’s distinctive […]

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